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Terms & Conditions:

  1. The competition is created with good intentions. Participants shall abide by the rules, conditions, directions, and regulations formed by CITB management.

  2. CITB management has all the rights to discontinue/ cancel/ withdraw/ postpone/ change any rules at any time without informing the participant or anyone.

  3. CITB will not use the images/ work shared by the participants with anyone for any commercial gain, but it will use it to promote this competition or related activities and will not pay any money to the participant for doing so.

  4. The copyright will remain with the participant/ photographer.

  5. CITB will not be responsible if the file gets damaged while transferring or downloading.
    Participants interested in the competition will pay the participation money, and CITB believes that they will follow all the government rules in doing so.

  6. CITB will not be responsible for any financial or legal liabilities.

  7. Your submission should reach us before the end of the last submission day.

  8. If a competition that is running on this web site has 'Student Catagory' for submission then, you should be either 20 years old or less on the date of submission to make entry for the competition using Student Category.

  9. If you have won an award under the student category, then you will have to send us proof of your age (School Certificate/ Adhar Card/ Driving License).

  10. In case, you have not been able to prove that your age was either 20 years or below at the time of your submission date then you or your image will not be given the award.

  11. You can convert your entry from Student Category to General Category by paying a penalty of Rs5000/-

  12. CITB will not disclose the names of the Jury Members for fair selection of the works.

  13. Any participant approaching CITB staff, management or jury for undue favour will be debarred from participation at any stage.

  14. No refund will be given to any participant after the entry is made by the participant.
    The participant will be responsible for any copyright issue or any other dispute on the images submitted by the participant.

  15. Selection of any entry for any award is the sole right of the CITB management.

  16. Participants or their representatives shall have no right to dispute the CITB decision on selecting the awards or any other decision taken by the CITB management.

  17. CITB management shall decide the number of awards in each category. It can vary, and CITB management shall have the right to determine this.

  18. It could be possible that noone gets an award in one or some or all the caragories.

  19. All award-winning entries will be printed on CITB MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD BOOK and on the website. The decision of including or not including any entry in the book or in the website is taken by the CITB managent. No one has the right to oppose the disission in any way or at any forum.

  20. Participants' name and images will be used in CITB website, CITB print material, CITB promotional activity. 

  21. CITB will do everything to ensure your image/work is safe with us, but we will not be responsible if it is downloaded/stolen by someone from the server/web/cloud without our knowledge.

  22. CITB management has the righ to stop the contest, amend rules, or take any decision at any point of time without informing anyone.

  23. When a participant submits his or her work, it is confirmed that he or she has gone through all the rules, terms and conditions stated in this website and have agreed to the same.

  24. To know about competition pricing click here

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