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Akash Das

Artist & Photographer

Akash’s romance with wildlife and nature photography goes back over two decades. A renowned advertising creative director, he started dabbling initially with fashion photography in the early ‘90s and quickly became a well-known name in the industry. A few trips to Corbett National Park began what he describes as an infatuation with the flora and fauna of the jungles; it’s a passion that has only gathered intensity with passing time.

Drawing upon his innate instincts as an artist, Akash has changed the way wildlife is photographed and presented. He is a dedicated environmentalist, and his body of work strongly reflects that – the creatures of the wild are always a part of a larger story in his pictures. Over time, some of his pictures have become icons of wildlife photography, regularly featuring in International magazines, National Geographic, WWF journals, Time magazine, the globally admired Incredible India campaigns and many other celebrated publications.

A former CANON brand ambassador, Akash is now the brand ambassador of NIKON. He is also an active member of NIKON PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, and the first Member of SANDISK Extreme Pro Team Worldwide, as well as SANDISK’s and Western Digital brand ambassador.

He is popularly acknowledged as the pioneer of Art Wildlife Photography. He has over 100 prestigious advertising and photography awards under his belt.  Among them, the honor of being one of the ’10 most influential people in photography industry’ adjudged by Ernst & Young for Asian Photography in February 2013.

He is the only photographer whose black and white exhibition titled ‘In Search of Asian Nudes’ featured in Limca Book of World Records as the first of its kind theme- based display in the world. Till now, Akash has done twelve solo exhibitions all over the world including in Paris, Miami, Hamburg, Monte Video and in India.

Anil Risal Singh

Photographer & Mentor

Anil Has been exploring the creative possibilities using the medium of photography. He has been awarded MFIAP, ARPS, Hon.FIP, Hon.FICS, Hon.PESGSPC, Hon.FPSNJ. He is former President of Federation of Indian Photography one of the premier national bodies of Photography in India.


Anil has been receiving many awards and recognitions prominent amongst them is the Charles Wallace Professional Grant to visit and study photographic collection in different museums of U.K. He has been awarded Senior Fellowship by CCRT, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. He has received National Award of Photography awarded in 2011 by Govt. of India.


For his outstanding work in the field of creative photography, he has been appointed Nikon Expertive by Nikon India (2019-2021). Conferred with international distinction of photography, Master Federation Internationale de L-Art Photographique (MFIAP) by Federation Internationale de l-Art Photographique, France  in 2009.


The Royal Photographic Society of Britain conferred its Associateship (ARPS) in 1999. Apartfrom this, he has been recognized by many prominent photography societies and clubs and he has been conferred honorary fellowships.


A winner of around 250 National & International Awards, Anil Risal Singh’s nature, people, street and architectural work is an inspiration to many photo enthusiasts.  

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