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Construction Simulator 2015 Free Download ~REPACK~

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Construction Simulator 2015 Free Download

Construction Simulator is a game series that we have felt committed to for quite a long time now. We started back in 2011. At the time, the construction simulator topic was still vacant, and we already had some experience in creating simulations for the construction industry with Liebherr. By now we have found our niche in the simulation genre and we like the idea of doing something constructive instead of blowing up stuff like in other games.

Fans of online PC action games will be aware of World of Tanks, a popular free-to-play tank simulator that's frequently updated with added content. iOS has had access to a simplified version for over a year, which would normally cause some ire among Android gamers. But I'm prepared to give developer Wargaming a pass on this one, since World of Tanks Blitz is launching with cross-platform play between Android and iOS, ensuring a healthy population of online players right from the start. 076b4e4f54


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