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once again, the front-end of the 2018 cadillac escalade is dominated by black, while the sides are covered in chrome. the rear of the escalade gets rid of the usual black bumper for a striking teal spoiler. along with its larger frontal area, the 2018 escalade has a more spacious interior with high-quality materials and excellent ergonomics. in the front, there is an upper and lower grille and a headlight complement that fits in with the theme. to get in, either the rear door handles or the drivers-side door handles can be used. the rear seat folds down to create a flat load floor. the rear view mirror is unique with a tilting feature. when you open the window, a small piece of glass covers the mirror. when you tilt the mirror, the cover disappears. inside, the vast majority of areas are covered with leather.

Download Long Tail Pro Platinum 3.1.5 Free

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