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Compare And Contrast Essay On Volleyball And Basketball ((INSTALL))

The first difference is the courts. There is a net in middle of a volleyball court, but there is nothing blocking a basketball court. And volleyball players have to stay on their own side. ... Basketball players dribble the ball and shoot it at the hoop.

compare and contrast essay on volleyball and basketball

To begin with, the world of sport is a versatile unity of strength, endurance, will to compete and win realized in tempos and movements of various kinds of difficulty. Though, in this paper, the comparing and contrasting ideas are emphasized between two sports: soccer and Basketball. Thus, a peculiar outlook will be analyzed as of the various characteristic features in these sports. The compare/contrast description touches on the structural, physical, social, and emotional peculiarities.

Nevertheless, soccer players should be active during 90 minutes of the regulation game plus, if there is a draw, additional time of 30 minutes, so the players become more tired in contrast with basketball players who are active for almost 50 minutes. Undoubtedly, soccer in the duration of time is more tiresome for players. Nevertheless, Basketball is more intensive in terms of the body parts participation.

The compare/contrast essay discusses the similarities and differences between two things, people, concepts, places, etc. The essay could be an unbiased discussion, or an attempt to convince the reader of the benefits of one thing, person, or concept. It could also be written simply to entertain the reader, or to arrive at an insight into human nature. The essay could discuss both similarities and differences, or it could just focus on one or the other. A comparison essay usually discusses the similarities between two things, while the contrast essay discusses the differences.

Just as George Carlin once famously compared football and baseball, a comparison of football and basketball - and their underlying natures - might show why we struggle with one and succeed at another...

One of the similarities between soccer and volleyball is that they are both team sports. In other words, one has to work closely with team members to compete with the other team. This is in contrast to individual sports such as boxing, tennis, and ping pong where the player has to rely on his/her own skills only. Another similarity between soccer and volleyball is that they both can be played indoor and outdoor. The playfields for both soccer and volleyball are rectangular in shape. Even though the common objective of teams in both soccer and volleyball may be different, they do share some tasks such as passing the ball to their teammates. Soccer and volleyball are also similar in the sense that both sports involve a ball as the only equipment. In other sports, there may be multiple equipments. For example, baseball has ball, bat, and gloves among other things. While there are numerous similarities, the differences between two sports are greater in number as the next section demonstrates.

While volleyball is quite popular around the world, it cannot compete with soccer which is the most popular sport in the world. Both sports share certain similarities though the differences are greater in number. Some of the similarities between soccer and volleyball are that both are team sports, require team players to pass around the ball to make a play, and both can be player either indoor or outdoor. Some of the differences between soccer and volleyball are the number of players in each team, size of the playfield, the main objective of the teams, i.e. putting ball in a goal past vs. putting ball on the floor in the opposite zone, and basic skills required to play the sport which in this case are simpler in soccer as compared to volleyball.

Finally, on the chart you'll see the term "head count sport" next to some sports. A head count sport can only offer full scholarships. The head count sports are FBS football, Division I basketball, Division I women's gymnastics, and Division I women's volleyball. Most sports aren't head count sports and also offer partial scholarships.

Abstract:The purpose of this study was to investigate and compare the biomechanics of countermovement (CMJ) and preferred-style (PrefJ) jumps. Eight male basketball players (age: 19 1 year; height: 1.84 0.14 m; mass: 92.8 11.4 kg) participated in a cross-sectional study for which they performed max effort CMJ and PrefJ while motion capture and force plate data were recorded. The CMJ were performed according to common procedures. For the PrefJ, the eight players chose to use a short approach run and a step-in jump, with a clear lead and trail leg foot contact pattern. Vertical ground reaction forces (GRF), center-of-mass (COM) parameters, as well as hip, knee, and ankle flexion angles, extension velocities, net joint moments, powers, and work were all calculated and used for analysis. Bi-lateral data from the CMJ were averaged, whereas lead and trail leg data from the PrefJ were kept separated. The PrefJ was characterized by greater jump height and GRF and shorter contact times. Joint-level differences indicated that the PrefJ was characterized by larger joint kinetics. Importantly, very few biomechanical variables of the CMJ and PrefJ were correlated, which suggests that each jump type is characterized by unique movement strategies. Since PrefJ may better represent athlete- and sport-specific movement pattern, these findings could have implications for assessing and monitoring neuromuscular performance of basketball players.Keywords: sports; biomechanics; performance; movement strategy

Illyanna Marie Taylor, Three RiversPlaying second season of varsity basketball, played three of varsity golf and will play fourth of varsity soccer and compete in fourth of varsity track & field this spring; also played junior varsity volleyball as a freshman. Earned all-league recognition in golf and academic all-state in golf and soccer, and was part of multiple academic all-state golf teams. Helped basketball team to District title in 2020 and has served as captain of basketball and soccer teams. Participating in fourth year of student council and has served as council president and vice president, and class president. Participating in third years of DECA and National Honor Society and served as chapter president of both. Participating in fourth years of marching and symphony bands and earned multiple Division 1 ratings; also sang three years in choir earning a Division 1 award and twice serving as section leader. Is undecided where she will attend college but intends to pursue pre-medical studies.

Saylar Cuthrell, Cass CityPlayed three seasons of varsity volleyball, is playing her fourth of varsity basketball and will play her fourth of softball and compete in her third of track & field this spring. Led volleyball team to Division 3 Semifinals this past fall and helped basketball team to District title in 2021. Named all-state first team in softball, all-area in basketball and all-region in volleyball, and won Regional title in track to make MHSAA Finals in that sport. Earned academic all-state in volleyball and will graduate a three or four-year captain in three sports. Participating in second year as dual enrollment student. Served in various leadership positions including as student body president and president of Tuscola County Future Youth Involvement advisory council, and also participated in National Honor Society. Will attend Northwood University and study supply chain management.

Laina Harger, St. CharlesPlayed two seasons of varsity volleyball, is playing her third of varsity basketball and will play her third of varsity softball this spring. Led basketball teams to league and District championships, earning all-area honors in that sport and all-league recognition in volleyball. Served as team captain for both volleyball and basketball. Helped all three varsities to academic all-state honors. Participating in second year of National Honor Society and fourth years of class council, student council and as part of Saginaw County Youth Ambassador program. Serving as NHS chapter and class council vice president. Earned National Merit Rural/Small Town Recognition. Also participating in second year of school Link Crew and third as part of Read Across America program. Is undecided where she will attend college but intends to study physical therapy.

Megan Roberts, Hillsdale AcademyRan four seasons of varsity cross country and played four seasons of varsity volleyball, playing fourth season of varsity basketball and will compete in fourth of track & field this spring. Earned multiple all-state honors in track & field and cross country and all-state honorable mention in basketball, and academic all-state in cross country, volleyball and track. Helped 3,200 relay to Lower Peninsula Division 4 Finals championship and owns school records in two events. Served as team captain of all four teams and twice represented school at league leadership conference. Earned National Merit Rural/Small Town Recognition. Participating in third year of National Honor Society and fourth of student council, serving as vice president of the latter as a senior. Participating in service club for fourth year, and second as president. Will attend Hillsdale College and study biology.

Makennah Uotila, OntonagonRan three years of varsity cross country and played four of varsity volleyball, playing fourth season of varsity basketball and will compete in fourth of track & field this spring. Helped track & field team to last two Upper Peninsula Division 3 Finals championships and basketball team to District title as junior. Earned all-state honorable mention in basketball and all-Upper Peninsula in cross country; also earned all-league in volleyball and won individual Finals title in long jump multiple seasons. Served as volleyball and basketball team captain. Participating in fourth year in student government and third as National Honor Society officer, serving as president of both, and also has served as secretary of Future Farmers of America chapter. Earned FFA District award for public speaking and attended American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program. Participating in fourth year of TANGO service group. Is undecided where she will attend college but intends to study biology with a concentration in natural resources. 350c69d7ab


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