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Artists have been creating artworks to express their emotions for centuries. Their works have been depicting their environments that are influenced by socio-political situations, cultures and technological developments. They have been finding newer ways to express themselves. Whatever be the medium or technique, an artist has been unconsciously looking for a fresh way to manifest emotions so that it can connect with the right audience. This constant endevour of an evolved artist have created various styles in the past that are also known to us as ‘-ism’.


The CITB Award is looking for that spirit in an artist through his/her work. The award is created to reward and in the process encourage an artist for exploring a fresh new way in the art. The range of a theme or topic in Art is as vast as the imagination of an artist. The CTB Award has restricted itself to portraiture. The artist of the best portrait gets felicitated with ‘CITB Award’ trophy. Artworks that have a hint of emerging style or are fresh and unique in any or some way are the winners. Professionals as well as amateurs from around the world can participate in the competition by submitting a portrait in any of the nine categories. These categories are Painting, Drawing, Print, Digital, Photography, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Installation and Video Art. Eminent artists and art critics of national and international fame judge the award.


The CITB Awards is established to encourage artists to pursue their quest for leaving a mark in the art history.


kavita Rajput.jpg


vandana kumari.jpg

CITB LOCKDOWN PORTRAIT AWARD. Artwork by Vandana Kyumari

Other artists who have received awards in the part:


Manju Singh, Seema Ghiya Shah, Vijay Gaharwar, Ajay Sangve, Amit Chandrakant Dhane, Kaukab Ahmed and Dinesh K. Dubey


Vishal Mathur, Anil Kumar, Dinesh Pandey, Shikha Khandelwal, Amardeep Singh, Sharmistha Dutta, Raj Kapoor and Rony Kaula


Krishna Gaikwad, Dinesh K. Dubey, Ashi Jain, Rajendra Dixit, Amit Srivastava, Roksolyana Benoit, Shanaka Kalathunga, Shakti Singh Ahlawat, Zavarzova Kseniya, Sandeep Rawal and Sonu Gupta


Sandeep Londhe


Ashima Kumar, Nitin Adake and Vinod Sane


Kaukab Ahmed, Ayuesh Agarwal, Rashmi Jamwal, Balwinder Tanwar, Kuldeep Kumar and Krishna Gaikwad

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