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Cloud In The Box Art 22

This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your work with some of the best artists and curated by one of the best art curators in India.

Cloud In The Box Art 22

Cloud in the Box is dedicated to promoting art and artists. The organisation conceived a group exhibition called "Cloud In The Box Art 22" to take its mission forward. The difference between this group exhibition and other group exhibitions organised by other organisations is QUALITY. Artworks of only selected artists will be displayed in the exhibition. An expert committee of eminent artists will judge the artworks submitted by the artists. Not only that, the exhibition will be curated by the best in the profession.

Registration is open and it is FREE.
To become part of this prestigious group exhibition, which will be held in Delhi, you will have to submit four works along with your resume. We will not disclose or share your participation details or data to anyone other than the jury. Upon selection of your works, you will have to pay a participation fee.

Why should you participate in this art exhibition?

  • It is organised by people who have done many quality art events.

  • All the hassle of organising a good art exhibition will be taken care by the experts.

  • Your work will be exposed to quality artists and audiences.

Who should participate in this art exhibition?

  1. Upcoming artists who need to showcase their work the way big artists exhibit.

  2. Practicing artists who do not want to spend big amount in a solo exhibition but want to do a quality show.

  3. Established artists who want to participate with other equally good artists to increase their client base.

Be part of the "Cloud In The Box Art 22" and share your piece of art with the world.

Register Now!

Submit your work and resume (e-mail or whatsapp).

Feel free to ask any query you have.

Let's connect.

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