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'Cloud in the Box' is a firm that is dedicated to spread art consciousness in the society by doing various activities. It is run by a group of accomplished artists who have gained a good reputation in their own fields of art.

They are alumnae of College of Art, Delhi and had organised a very well appreciated event called yes art can in the past. Where eminent artists, art critics and art curators like, Dr. Alka Pande, Peter Nagy, Nuzhat Kazmi, Shukla Sawant, Kanchan Chandar, Arpita Singh, Paresh Maity, Gopi Gajwani, and many more, participated to discuss ways to sensitize art and society.

They have been promoting art in public through innovative live portrait event. The event is called 'Portrait of the Spirited'. It is held in a public place where portraits of personalities from various fields are painted live by accomplished artists.

'Cloud in the Box' is dedicated to use art as an important tool to create a positive wave.



The objective of this project is to revive a culture where artists and important individuals from different spheres of society come together and create a positive wave to make an art-conscious society.

Art is not just a reflection of society; it also plays a major role in its architecture. ‘Portrait of the Spirited’ is a project that is conceived to raise the awareness of art consciousness by bringing art, artists and society closer.


Self portraits and portraits have been the subject of interest to the artists since centuries. Portraits not only bring out the essence of a person, they also freeze the moment for an eternity immortalising a person.

‘Portrait of the Spirited’ commemorates celebrated change makers, thought leaders and influencers from the society who have positively contributed and impacted the very fabric of our society.


Three established and professional portrait artists paint the personality in a live session. This session marks the blurring of perceived or created boundaries between the art, the artist and the masses.

The live event caters to a wide spectrum of audience from the society. The celebrities painted during the last events were Sonal Sehgal (Film Actress, author), Subir Malik (Musician, Band Parikrama), Sanjay Mishra (Film Actor) and Shibani Kashyap (Pop Singer and Musician).


Event is attended by influencers, art critics, collectors, artists, key personalities, students, parents and educators and professionals from various fields.



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Contact us to become part of the 'CITB Portrait of the Spirited’ as a sponsor. We also organise exclusive live portrait events for the institutions and organisations.


Contact us to become part of the 'CITB Portrait of the Spirited’ as a portrait artist. We promote our artist through various ways and platforms.




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Contact us to become a part of the various activities organised by 'Cloud in the Box’.

We are always looking for Volunteers, Fine Artists and Patrons.

We conduct and create exclusive events for business houses and institutions.

Art can bring change in the society as well as in our lives. So, let's get in touch!

Thank you. Message Sent.

309, Aggarwal City Mall,
Rani Bagh, Delhi 110034, India